Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Size Matters

Small classes are good for students:

o  More opportunity to cater for diversity and difference
o  Greater engagement in learning
o  Better monitoring of student progress
o  Earlier diagnosis of student difficulty
o  More inclusive and more personal teaching
o  A reduction in bullying
o  Higher levels of physical safety
o  More immediate rewards for achievement
o  Students are more likely to be ‘on-task'
o  Test results improve
o  Group work is more easily managed
o  More opportunity for student interactions
o  Improved attendance figures
o  Students are more positive about themselves
o  It is easier to maintain a good physical learning environment
o  Students in smaller high school classes are more likely to graduate from school

Small classes are good for schools:
o  Increased capacity to offer curriculum options
o  Students more positive about school
o  Lower rates of school vandalism
o  More effective use of limited classroom resources
o  Parents more likely to be involved
o  Easier to maintain a good physical learning environment
o  Noise levels are lower

Small classes are good for teachers:
o  More engaged in professional development
o  More engaged in school reforms
o  Less stressed
o  Absenteeism & illness reduced
o  More accountable
o  Morale is better
o  Retention is improved
o  Group work more easily managed